Uzbek gymnasts participated in Grand-Prix in France

WORLD NEWS, 4 April. /UZINFORM/. The third stage of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand-Prix has been held in France, Thiais on Mar 27-28. A total of 120 world strongest gymnasts from 22 countries, including 8 from Uzbekistan became participants of this 24-th tournament. 

The performances on all-round exercises, executed by 22 gymnasts at the first day of the tournament, resulted in the triumph of Eugenia Kanaeva (Russia), who obtained 114.225 points. Uzbek gymnast Ulyana Trofimova, having obtained 101.500 points, was the 10th in the line. Trofimova’s high results in exercises with a ball and ribbon, allowed her to participate in the second final day of the tournament, where her results were the 9-th and 8-th, correspondingly. The Grand-Prix audience greeted very warmly each of Trofimova’s performances, which were full of difficult elements.

Young Uzbek gymnast Aziza Mamadjanova, performing all-round exercises among juniors, was a kind of discovery of the tournament. Mamadjanova, who is an absolute champion of the Asian Championship on Rhythmic Gymnastics among juniors (which was held in Tashkent in Feb 2010), brightly performed at the Grand-Prix in all 4 types of exercises – rope, hoop, ball and clubs. She was the 6th among 18 participants, having obtained 93.975 points. 

Grand Prix Uzbekistan France Lola KarimovaFor the first time this year at the Grand-prix in Thiais, a team of Uzbek gymnasts participated in a group competition with hoops, ribbons, ball and clubs. Uzbek team took the 12th place with 39.975 points at the result of two tournaments.
It should be noted that Uzbek gymnasts’ performance at the tournament in France were highly appraised by sport experts. 

Technical director of the Grand-Prix Diana Tobakova (France) noted: “We are glad to welcome Uzbek team at the tournament. I would like to note that it is rather well trained and perspective team. Especially, I would like to emphasize training level and combativity of young gymnasts, whom we hope to see among the winners of the Thiais tournaments in future. The strongest Uzbek gymnast, in my opinion, is Ulyana Trofimova, who possesses wonderful plastics and professional movements. She was very adored by French public. The performance of Uzbek gymnasts at the tournament in France demonstrate a thorough preparation to Youth Olympic Games, which will be held in Singapore in August 2010 and the major sport start of the 4-year period – Olympic Games in London in 2012”.


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